A lot of people wonder what the best weed is to buy. However, there is never going to be one single answer for this question, as it really depends on an individual’s preferences and needs. Instead of asking what the best weed is, we can let you know the best-selling cannabis strains out there. Recently, the cannabis industry has been going through a huge boom as many countries have relaxed their restrictions against cannabis for medical and recreational purposes. Now, the sale of cannabis is at an all-time high.

If you are interested in buying cannabis, think about the world’s best-selling strains when you are trying to decide which one you should purchase.

Kush Mints

Kush mint is a weed strain that has been crossed between animal mints and bubba kush. This hybrid is a balance between sativa and indica strains. Kush mint originated at a breeder known as seed junky, who is also known for creating the wedding cake strain.

Kush mint has been said to have a pleasing earthy coffee and spice flavour aroma. When smoked, it gives off a very minty taste with a hint of fresh coffee, creating a calming feeling. This strain of weed can also help conditions like chronic fatigue, chronic pain and depression.

Sour Diesel

Sour diesel is known for its chemical-like scent from the bud, which is compared to fuel hence the name. It is also known as Sour D, and its origins remain unknown. However, many people believe that it originates from weed’s skunk and chemdawg strains. Sour diesel has a strong gasoline-like odour with a hint of orange smell. The strain has an earthy and lemony flavour when it comes to the taste. Some people believe that sour d is able to help treat depression and nausea. It gives users feelings of focus and energizing during the day.

Green crack

Green crack is a highly addictive strain that is mainly sativa. It is bred from the skunk #1 strain. It got its name from rapper Snoop Dogg and is also known as Cush. Green crack is a common strain in many places. The buds in this strain are compact and thick-looking, with an earthy citrus aroma mixed with sweet mango. It has a tropical and citrus flavour with a bit of sweetness to it when smoked. Green crack can help with some conditions, including depression, fatigue, loss of appetite, chronic pain, bipolar disorder, autism, and anxiety.


Gelato is a hybrid strain that is more dominant in indica. It is a mix between thin mint girl scout cookies and sunset sherbet and is mainly popular because of its effects. The buds in this strain are a dark green with clear resin droplets. The aroma of this strain is lavender and citrus berry with a bit of sweetness. The flavour of gelato is an orange and fruit blackberry sherbet.

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