Cannabis has truly come such a long way from where it started from being illegal back in the 1970s. Now, cannabis is legalized across the country and is legal for use for adults that are 21 and older. These days, there are many cannabis ordering services available, including on UberEats. However, we still do not have cannabis delivery in Canada. But let’s take a look at why we love cannabis delivery.


You probably can’t recall the last time you left your house to get a pizza. There is so much convenience when you order items online and get them delivered. This technology has improved consumers’ shopping experience everywhere for almost every type of consumer good. Cannabis is no exception. You will be able to order your cannabis products online, pay online, and the seller will bring them for delivery right to your door. You will no longer need to get to your local cannabis dispensary physically for you to be able to enjoy your cannabis products. 


Getting your cannabis delivered means complete and total privacy. Even though cannabis is now legal across all provinces countrywide, some individuals are still sensitive towards marijuana use. It can be understandable if you want to keep your cannabis use something private. It’s a good thing that most cannabis delivery services will offer unbranded and private delivery for their packaging at your request. Many already use unmarked vehicles as well. 


Many cannabis businesses can start relying on cannabis delivery services as their main operations. This means that this lowers operating costs for cannabis sellers. They can operate without actually needing to open a physical storefront. They won’t need to pay rent or get products shipped to the store or pay staff, and they won’t need to buy expensive display cases. This means that sellers can pass down these savings onto their consumers by giving them more competitive pricing. 


When you partake in cannabis delivery services, you will be able to order cannabis any time, any place, within your delivery zone. As a cannabis consumer, this will give you much more flexibility because you can order your cannabis any time of the day, whether you are at home, work or even if you are visiting a friend. 

Higher sales reach

In 2020, cannabis retail sales rose to an estimated $6.1 billion. This is huge. And it is even expected to grow even more and reach $7.3 billion by the end of this year. This is thanks to the advantages that cannabis delivery brings. 

Because cannabis sellers are able to widen their audience in terms of customers through delivery services and keep their operational costs below average, they will be able to make a lot more in sales. 

Order cannabis for recreational or medicinal use and get it delivered to your door has revolutionized how we buy and consume marijuana. 

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